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As the political climate turns dangerous, she is forced to flee with a wanted dissident who helps her find a way out of the country. When was beyond rangoon filmed? I am certain there are many devout Zimmer admirers out there who are just waiting and hoping for a release also.

· A young San Francisco widow is swept into a political uprising in Burma after her sister reluctantly drags her on a tour of southeast Asia. · Beyond Rangoon. As the political climate turns dangerous, she is forced to flee with a wanted dissident. So begins the film "Beyond Rangoon", about an emotionally troubled American who is urged by her sister to take a vacation in Rangoon, Burma to try and get over the devastating loss of her husband and child. Beyond Rangoon Another of John Boorman&39;s ambitious, highly BEYOND RANGOON physical explorations of a remote foreign culture, "Beyond Rangoon" goes only part of the way in elucidating its topical subject matter. Jump to BEYOND navigation Jump to search. The film was mostly filmed in Malaysia, and, though RANGOON a work of fiction, was inspired by real people and real events.

While there, she becomes entertwined in very real political upheavel. Beyond Rangoon Patricia Arquette Frances McDormand Spalding Gray (1995) A widowed American doctor (Patricia Arquette) and her sister (Frances McDormand) are caught in violent political oppression in 1988 Burma.


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